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The Income Protection Plus Plan is designed to protect you: Anytime, Anywhere, 24/7, 365 days a year

The policy is immediate acceptance regardless of pre-existing injuries or medical conditions.

 No ratings for occupation.

 No ratings for pre-existing medical conditions.

 No ratings for sports or hazardous pursuits.

 Guaranteed premiums (same price regardless of age).

 The Policies are tailored to self-employed persons at claim stage.

 Waiting periods include ‘Benefits Paid from Day 1’.

 Lump sums for accidental death and fractures included at no additional cost.


Membership Benefits Programme

In Partnership with Precise Protect

What Is The Plan For?

The Income Protection Plus Plan gives you peace of mind that should you be unable to work due to accident or sickness; your mortgage, rent and other outgoings are covered.

This plan is designed to bridge the financial gap when you need it most

Who Is The Plan For?

The plan is designed to cover everyone regardless of whether they have pre-existing health conditions or not.

It covers those that participate in sports at all levels and covers all sports.

Why Is This Plan Unique?

The Plan plan is immediate acceptance and combines 3 great benefits into 1 unique plan, Income Protection, Fracture Lump Sum Pay-outs & Accidental Death, so you will be protected should you lose an income, sustain a fracture or if you die. The plan is the same cost whether you are 18 or 70 and never increases with age.

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