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Anytime Accident Plan

The Anytime Accident Plan from Precise Protect is designed to pay out if you sustain a fracture or dislocation.

The plan is structured to cover multiple family members within 4 distinct options, Individual Cover, Family Cover, Individual & Partner Cover and Individual & Children Cover.


The plan is structured to cover multiple family members with 4 distinct options, Individual cover, Family cover, Individual & Partner cover & Individual & Children cover.

The plan is designed to cover everyone in the family regardless of whether they have pre-existing health conditions or not. It cover those that participate in sports at all levels and covers all sports with the small exclusion of Motorsports.

The plan allows you to cover your whole family with a single policy, it can be taken out b y anyone aged 18 – 60 and once you add a child to the plan, you can then add as many additional children absolutely free.

Cover starts from as little as £7.50 per month


  • We do not penalise you regardless of Age, Health or Claims
  • All sports covered (excluding Motorsports)
  • Protect your whole family with one policy
  • Multiple Fracture Pay-outs
  • Hospitalisation Cover

Unlimited Children at NO extra cost

Once you add a child to the plan you can then add as many additional children absolutely FREE!

One FREE month each year

At Precise Protect we believe in rewarding our clients’ for loyalty so we are going to let our customers enjoy ONE FREE month every year paid by Precise Protect.*

* To qualify all you need to do is hold the plan for 6 months. To claim your free month simple contact us and let us know which month you would like free.

Cover is the same price for someone aged 18 or 70



  • You must be between 18 & 69 to apply for the plan
  • You must be resident in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man or Channel Islands
  • Child pay-out will be 50% of the amount shown
  • For the adult and children plan, the children will be covered up to the age of 18 (23 if in full-time education) then will have to take out their own plan should they wish cover to continue
  • Hospitalisation Cover Included at no extra cost - excludes the first 24 hours, up to a maximum of 45 days in hospital
  • Hospitalisation Lump Sum Benefit - One off lump sum in addition to your daily benefit after 14 days in hospital
  • Exclusions have been kept to a minimum
  • For full details, refer to the policy wording.

We will NOT pay benefit for the following:

  • An accident which occurs prior to the start date or after the cover ends
  • An accident  which happens to an insured person who has been outside the United Kingdom for more than 12 weeks in the preceding 52 week period
  • Any injury occurring 12 or more months after the accident

Cover is the same price for someone aged 18 or 70

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