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Fracture Plan – Policy Limitations and Exclusions

We will not pay benefits for an accident that is directly or indirectly the result of the following:
– Exposure to exceptional danger (except in an attempt to save human life);
– The illegal acts of the person who has suffered the accident;
– Self-inflicted injury whether of a sound mind or not;
– Being under the influence of or being affected by alcohol or drugs unless under the advice of
a doctor for a condition other than alcohol or drug addiction;
– Riding on a motorcycle, moped or scooter as a driver or passenger;
– Radiation or contamination or the effects of radiation;
– Any sickness, disease, or degenerative process (a condition which becomes progressively

In addition, we will not pay benefit for:
– An accident which occurs prior to the start date or after the cover ends;
– An accident which happens to an insured person who has been outside the United Kingdom
for more than 12 weeks in the preceding 52 week period.  This exclusion does not apply if we
have agreed to provide this cover;
– Any accidental bodily injury occurring 12 or more months after the accident.
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